Saturday, 27 May 2017

Everyday Poems

Here are some mundane things I tried to make interesting by writing them down as poems.

Haiku for the Weekend

A haiku is like
A weekend. Hardly begins
And is then over.

Fruit Fly in Coffee - limerick

I thought to myself, "This fruit fly
In my coffee will drown and die."
But turns out that it
Drank a little bit
And became unnaturally high.

Fruit Fly in Coffee - haiku

I thought the fruit fly
In my coffee would drown, but
It just turned hyper.

Dairy-free "Ice Cream" - limerick+haiku

It seemed easy to make, so I
Gave dairy-free ice cream a try,
But I should have known
From the name alone
That it was a terrible lie.

So then I ate some
Ordinary ice cream from
A shop. It was yum.

Street Pics - haikus

I took a photo
of a pretty lane, and drew
a picture of it,

then took a photo
of the picture so I could
show it to some folks.

A few days later,
I came across the photo
on my computer.

I thought to myself,
"Wow, my picture looks just like
a photo. Yay me!"

But turned out it was
the original photo
I was looking at.

Masquerade Glasses  

My friend is getting glasses.

We were discussing frames
when suddenly, a brilliant
idea to me came.

Those masks in masquerade balls
or ones sold at a fair
could become frames for spectacles
you regularly wear.

They could use one-way mirrors
so the wearer can see
all of the world while hiding his
or her identity.

All those designs and colours!
Oh, wouldn't that be fine!
I'd have a dozen pairs, and I
would wear them all the time.

I'd made this as a decorative mask, but imagine it as a frame for glasses. Cool, right?

Until I have the time to design my own, here are a couple of images I'm borrowing from the mighty internet just to give you a clearer idea.

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